Become one of our value and trust advertisers

Target over 180,000 of the Newest Homeowners in Phoenix & Tucson.

Become one of our value and trust advertisers

Find Great Savings & Value from Local Companies You Can Trust. Delivering to Over 180,000 of the Newest Homeowners in Tucson

For 10 years we have delivered value to the newest homeowners & results to our advertisers. This is why nearly 80% of the advertisers who were in our first issue in October of 2010, are still advertising with us today! Thousands of projects have been completed by quality companies you can trust!

Welcome Home AZ targets ONLY new homeowners! All of these people are new to their neighborhood, and most are new to Arizona. They are all looking to establish new relationships with companies they can trust!

A full-color, direct mailed magazine, printed on gloss paper, giving your company the quality look it deserves. Welcome Home AZ Magazine’s format, and proper mix of advertisers, draws the consumer back to the magazine repeatedly, gaining repeat impressions… and these repeat impressions mean more business to YOU!

We, at Welcome Home AZ Magazine, work directly with an Arizona based list compiler that gathers their information through public records and the county recorder’s office. Working with a local compiler assures: better accuracy of data, direct mailing to owner occupied homes, and excludes investment and rental properties.

New homeowners receive a copy of Welcome Home AZ Magazine shortly after moving into their new homes and every 4 to 8 weeks thereafter, for up to 2 years. Frequency has been the magic of Welcome Home AZ Magazine; because we deliver to new homeowners multiple times, they receive the magazine up to 24 times before they fall off the mailing list. We continue to add the newest homeowners to the list and drop the oldest off the back end.

Over the past 10 years we have delivered Value to the newest homeowners and Results to our advertisers. This is why, nearly 80% of the advertisers who were in our first edition in October of 2010 are still adverting with us today! We have documented over 60,000 phone calls. We have LESS than 40% of our advertisers on call tracking, so we KNOW how well the magazine does each month and each mailing. If these numbers stayed consistent, we have generated over 120,000 phone calls and thousands of projects have been completed.

Welcome Home AZ Magazine works! Put us to Work For You!


Direct mailed to 135,000 of the newest homeowners with 3 zones of 45,000 each!

2021 Mailing Dates: January 11th, February 8th, March 8th, April 12th, May 17th, June 14th, July 12th, August 16th, September 13th, October 11th, November 8th, and December 6th.


Direct mailed to 50,000 of the newest homeowners in Tucson and surrounding area. Plus, additional distribution at 4 of the homes shows in Tucson throughout the year!

2021 Mailing Dates: January 25th, March 22nd, May 10th, September 20th, October 18th and November 15th.

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